The Best Path of Exile Expansion
Written by Francisco E. Waltz   
Thursday, 21 February 2019 12:53

Path of Exile performs a lot of developments to their games with a goal to make the players enjoy and feel the excitement. We can consider that all of the expansions made enables it to be more competitive. However, there is one that stands out, and that is the version 3.5.0 which is the Betrayal.

The Path of Exile: Betrayal introduces the Immortal Syndicate. It is a secret organization that brings dead people back to being alive without transforming them into zombies. Jun Ortoi and his Order of the Djin hold the artifact that serves as the key for that mysterious organization to do their evil mission. With this story in mind, you can expect that this game will be full of mystery and investigation while you are enjoying the game.

One of the most likable segments on this expansion is features behind it. A plethora of well-known NPCs will replace the old masters while the crafting system is more improved. There is a new way of gaining the crafting recipes. These new additions have a significant contribution to the investigation conducted by Jun Ortoi, one of the crucial characters in the game. You should help him retrieve the artifact stolen by the Immortal Syndicate.

The Betrayal has a unique endgame content in which you can still enjoy the features Delve and Bestiary in the core game. The expansion won’t be complete with the new skill gems and unique items, and of course, the Betrayal also offers these perks. Since its launch on December 7, it was considered to be the biggest expansion and game-changing.

The Masters were upgraded, and the appearance and the way to access the Hideouts are entirely different. You should expect that the challenges need your mastery and strategy because they are even more intense.