Path of Exile Expansion Review: The Awakening
Written by Francisco E. Waltz   
Thursday, 21 February 2019 12:51

The Awakening is a competitive version of Path of Exile ever made. It filled the gaps that the old version was lacking. When you play this game, expect that you will feel like you were in the ancient time. There are also other players in the form of their chosen characters who are running around. Just like you, they are also trying to explore the world of Path of Exile by completing their mission and score points.

You can start playing The Awakening from its two new Challenge Leagues. The Tempest and Warbands indeed signify the real meaning of a challenge. Although you are just beginning the game, you will already feel the pressure to progress. It entices you until you won’t notice that you are already enjoying the time.

The customizations in this new version are also more accessible. It is user-friendly for every beginner who wants to try it. Other significant additions to take note of are the new levels and set of weapons. The core system The Awakening brings a lot of surprises. They are not added to excite the players, but all of them have a particular purpose that you can use in the game. Since this stuff was improved, you should also expect that the boss fights were also developed.

The visual and audio of the game is fantastic. Both offer a realistic experience to ensure that enjoy to the fullest. It also gives you a real feeling while you are fighting with the enemies in the dark. The powerful jewels are also present to increase your strengths, encouraging you to do your best to get them.

In this expansion, there are more than 100 newly added Unique Items that would surprise you. The new set of equipment called Maraketh Weapons is another factor that makes this game the best choice.