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Tuesday, 20 March 2012 02:10
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Path of Exile (Action RPG)

Grinding Gear Games has been developing this online game Path of Exile for many years at this point. The experience is similar to D2 though with more modern graphics and revolutionary skill inventions.

Visit the public Path of Exile web page>>

This is a unique opportunity to start playing a huge game from the very beginning, get the perfect account and character name and be among the top players.

The Game Boasts

  • Battle in Pvp competitions for worldwide acknowledgement
  • Play together with huge numbers of players
  • Combine hundreds of skills, gems and items
  • Enjoy a fixed angle 3D world
  • Levels are randomized, which gives excellend replayability

Short Review of Path of Exile

Path Of Exile is a brand new single or multi-player dark fantasy action-oriented RPG which is free to play online (and only available online, at least for the moment). It is manufactured and marketed by Grinding Gear Games (out of New Zealand). It is currently being launched in a limited, beta-test, version online, and can be found by accessing the official Path Of Exile or Grinding Gear websites. At some point, it may be introduced as a console game. At present, the game is completely free to play.

Graphics and sound effects are top notch in quality. The game boasts multiple classes of player, as well as multiple levels of play, and is very dark in tone. The level of realistic violence and character development may remind players very strongly of other similar RPG's currently available on the market, such as Diablo III, among others. However, with six classes of character and a very well defined fantasy backstory (set in the realm of Wraeclast), it is sure to develop a devoted following of its own. It has just enough original features to qualify as its own entity, rather than merely a derivative rip off of Diablo and the like.

Some players may be dismayed at the lack of ability at present to "mod" the game. However, that's the price of having a game be completely free and always online, so it's a bit of a tradeoff. There is a "concessions" area in which players are able to purchase items which will help them to enhance their performance within the game, which is basically Grinding Gear's way of harvesting donations to keep the game online. Overall, the game is fast paced, action packed, and exciting enough to keep hardened RPG fanatics coming back for more. Path OF Exile is another winner from Grinding Gear!
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